Welcome to the Year of the Horse

I must say I’m glad 2013 is over. It’s been a good year, a year of profound and transformative, long needed changes, but it’s been utterly exhausting. I think lots of people felt the same. My Facebook’s been inundated with posts of excitement for the beginning of a new year and relief at the end of a challenging year.

But even though I feel it was a difficult year, I must admit that it was probably one of the most important years of my life. I made a lot of improvements on myself, mended a lot of relationships, let go of so many grievances, made a career change, entered creative recovery and searched for love outside and inside of me. It was a challenging year but the biggest victory of love over conditioned living I have ever experienced. And there is no doubt in my mind that 2014 will take all that effort and grow it, take that little wave of change I created and turn it into a powerful tsunami.

2014 is the year of the Horse, according to the Chinese calendar and it officially starts on 30th January. Right on time for loving Venus to get out of her retrograde phase and let love bloom.


According to Susan Levitt, ’the time for pondering and planning was 2013 Snake year. Horse year is time to act fast, buy that home, launch that business, travel the world, make a big purchase, get a promotion at work, have a breakthrough – take a leap and fly. If it’s right, then there’s nothing to think about. Just follow instincts. Even if you miss the mark, you’ll have all of Wood Sheep year 2015 to get cozy and enjoy life’s comforts in all their artistic forms.

The Wood Horse year is a time of fast victories, unexpected adventure, and surprising romance. It is an excellent year for travel, and the more far away and off the beaten path the better. Energy is high and production is rewarded. Decisive action, not procrastination, brings victory.’

So it’s no surprise I am feeling charged, optimistic and enthusiastic. I have big plans. I’m finishing my book and despite the few fears I still have over whether if it is good enough, or ready enough, or honest enough, I am hoping that it will reach you all this year. And even if it doesn’t, this book changed my life and I’m grateful for whatever crazy energy possessed me to do it, to go through with it, to keep at it and to use it to become a better person, a more loving and lovable person.

So Happy New Year, everyone! Live those dreams, take that trip, tell that person you love them. The Year of the Horse is here to help.

With love,

Iulia x

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