I don’t know about you, but I miss writing and reading blogs. They used to be all the rage many years ago, before social media became so diversified and time-consuming. I missed writing things that occurred to me in a way that felt real and vulnerable, and immediate, and not beautified or curated. I missed using as many or as few words to express my thoughts and I missed reaching out to people’s hearts through my blog posts.

When I discovered Substack, everything changed. I was finally in the right company. Substack provided me with the safe space to start blogging again.

Emotionally Attached is my own version of the old school blog on Substack. It’s where I write about matters of the heart, where I form coherent-like thoughts about being imperfectly human, where I talk about things that steal my heart, where I share travel and life experiences, and where I connect with people in a way that rings the most true to me.

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