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Watch my interview during LoveTalks show on Sky Channel 203 (aired 16th May 2015) about life as a single person and the impact of The Love Project on my life.


Speaking about how I spent a year project managing love into my life at the Heart Centred Women in Business Conference, 9th October 2014, London

The Love Project Podcast

On The Love Project podcast, I interview fascinating people with whom I love to talk about how to make difficult things happen. 

We identify specific moments that changed the course of their lives, just like I did many years ago when I decided to run a project to find love. We encourage brave decisions leading to pursuits that make our existence in this world a little more purposeful, just like I did when project managing love lead me towards my deepest desire to pursue my creativity. 

But above all else, we want you to be inspired and fearless to take control over the uncontrollable. Just like I did when I decided to project manage the least controllable element of life: love.  


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