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The Dating Memoir You’ll Love To Share

The Love Project:

How I planned my happy ending

33 year-old Iulia Calota is convinced that she is going to die alone.

She is a capable advertising executive living in London, but a total failure in love. Jumping from one fleeting relationship to another, Iulia asks herself the same question women have agonised over for millennia: is there something wrong with her?

There must be. Even the guy that’s tailor-made for her doesn’t want her. Not to mention the parade of men she has been hooking up with, who never stick around. How come she seems to have control of every other area of her life, except this one? After another humiliating failure, she recalls a jest conversation with a work colleague about evaluating her dates using spreadsheets, KPIs and pie charts. It may have been a silly conversation, but the idea has appeal. What if, as an experienced project manager, she can use the methods she is familiar with at work to find her Mr. Right?