Iulia Calota is a London advertising executive from Romania and writer, living the simple life in the South West of France. 
‘At 33, seven years single, I took the decision that changed the rest of my life: to project manage my search for love. Nine months later, I met Alistair, my husband, and together we left London behind to pursue a simpler life in the French countryside. The Love Project is the name of the book I wrote about my year of project managing love (available this autumn) and the first of many more I hope to write.’ Find out more about Iulia.

Advanced praise for The Love Project

‘The Love Project is an inspirational and wonderful story. Iulia’s writing style is lucid  and cogent and it encapsulates the reader. Her message of love has the potential to heal broken hearts, give encouragement and hope to many seeking love joy and inner peace.’

Dr. Arthur Cassidy, Reality TV and Celebrity Psychologist, London

The Love Project provides hope and clear-cut guidance for anyone seeking meaningful connection and rewarding partnership. This universally relatable gem is packed with the essential information every modern dater needs to know, in order to discover his or her own happiness.’

Susan Winter, Relationship Expert, New York

‘Iulia Calota submerges the reader in a personal, open and sincere account of her own journey through relationship doubts and discouragement, self-exploration and experimentation. You’ll be drawn-in, not knowing where it’s heading (Hint:  She didn’t know either!). Readers will identify with her ups and downs, joys and sorrows, self-doubts and self-discoveries … And be so happy to see how she finally emerges.  It’s not another dating advice book.  It’s not a list of steps to take. I wouldn’t even classify it as a self-help book.  Reading The Love Project is more like peeking into the diary of a warm and witty woman, and you’ll be happy that you did.’ Carl Hindy, Ph.D., Clinical Psychologist, Nashua, USA 

Interviews and talks

Interviewed for Love Talks Show on Sky Channel 203, 2015

Speaking at the Heart Centred Women in Business Conference, 2014 

The Love Project Podcast

On The Love Project podcast, I interview fascinating people with whom I love to talk about how to make difficult things happen. 

We identify specific moments that changed the course of their lives, just like I did many years ago when I decided to run a project to find love. We encourage brave decisions leading to pursuits that make our existence in this world a little more purposeful, just like I did when project managing love lead me towards my deepest desire to pursue my creativity. 

But above all else, we want you to be inspired and fearless to take control over the uncontrollable. Just like I did when I decided to project manage the least controllable element of life: love.  

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