The Dating Memoir You'll Love to Share

The Love Project

How I planned my happy ending

33 year-old Iulia Calota is convinced that she is going to die alone.

She is a capable advertising executive living in London, but a total failure in love. How come she seems to have control of every other area of her life, except this one?

After another dating disaster, she recalls a jest conversation with a colleague about evaluating her dates using spreadsheets and pie charts. What if, as an experienced project manager, she can use the methods she is familiar with at work to find her Mr. Right?

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The Dating Memoir You'll Love to Share

At 33, I was a successful advertising executive living in London, but a complete failure in love. One day, after another dating disaster, I had a revelation.What if I could take control of my love life by using the tried and tested methods of project management? What followed was an Agile-style year-long quest for love and many personal milestones achieved on my way to happily ever after. 

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Iulia Calota

At 33, six years single, I took the decision that changed the rest of my life: to project manage my search for love. Nine months later, I met Alistair, my husband, and together we left London behind to pursue a simpler life in the French countryside.

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