The universal day of love

There was a time in my life when I hated Valentine’s Day! Actually what I hated was being alone on said day and, unfortunately for me, I had been alone for so many years, that I began to believe myself as totally undateable and unlovable. Not a great place to find yourself in, and more so, on 14th of February when the entire world decided to rally against me and laugh in my face.

I used to resent all the Valentine’s Day paraphernalia and if I could hide in a cave for a day and bypass the whole circus, I would have. But that was a long time ago. When I started ’The Love Project’ two years ago, I had resolved to change my attitude from hate to neutral (you can read blog post here).

My change in attitude began to attract different outcomes in my life and, no longer sad singleton, two years later, I have two happy celebrations under my belt (one which involved champagne and Notre Dame!). I mean, who would have thought: from zero to hero?

The reason why I am telling you this is because I believe we make our own reality. When I decided to take control over my love life, I made it happen. No idea how – undoubtedly I had some Divine help along the way – but I thought it. I told myself that I must try something different. What if I just changed how I felt about the world and about myself. Imagine what would happen?

My reality exceeded my expectations. And now that I stand tall at the top of my love mountain and I look down, I feel sad about all those wasted years. All those wasted years dreading the thought of being alone on Valentine’s Day when I could have taken the opportunity and celebrate myself instead, taken myself out on a date, be mindful of myself and acknowledge what a loveable creature I was?

But this must not happen to you! If you’re alone on Valentine’s, be happy, be joyful, smother yourself in love and be like a mountain from which love springs everywhere. Hope you’re having a lovely time tonight and don’t forget, it only takes one person to make you happy!





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