The adventure of a lifetime

Exactly three years ago, I met Alistair. I had been conducting The Love Project all year and I was frankly getting fed up with it all. I was so exhausted from all the dating that didn’t lead anywhere and had gotten to a point when I just wanted to focus on myself and my writing. I was ready to just let it be. But I gave online dating one last shot and asked Alistair out on a date.

’Let’s go to see the Sarah Lucas exhibition at the Whitechapel Gallery,’ I suggested, having read on his profile that he was a designer and that he liked art.

A few days later we met outside the Whitechapel Gallery. Unfortunately the large collection of vegetable in penis-like ensembles of Sarah Lucas, wasn’t on. I was mortified, but he suggested going for a coffee. I felt so at ease with him on that memorable first date that the coffee was followed by 4 bottles of red wine and dinner at a little Georgian restaurant in Shoreditch. We had a whirlwind love affair for a few months and in April of the following year, after our first trip abroad to Cuba, he asked me to marry him. And I did!

I always thought that, if I were to chose, I preferred to have a great marriage rather than a fairytale wedding. But it looks like the Universe wanted me to have both and we’ve had the most wonderful wedding on 2nd of July this year at the stunning Wedding House outside Bucharest. Three years after we met, we said yes. Many times over. And the funny thing is, this is only he beginning of our adventure, as from next year we’re moving to France.

iulia-and-alistair-wedding-0131 iulia-and-alistair-wedding-0143 iulia-and-alistair-wedding-0144 iulia-and-alistair-wedding-0030 iulia-and-alistair-wedding-0268 iulia-and-alistair-wedding-0843 iulia-and-alistair-wedding-0307 iulia-and-alistair-wedding-0290 iulia-and-alistair-wedding-0315iulia-and-alistair-wedding-0332 iulia-and-alistair-wedding-0760 iulia-and-alistair-wedding-0991 iulia-and-alistair-wedding-1431 iulia-and-alistair-wedding-0819 iulia-and-alistair-wedding-0873iulia-and-alistair-wedding-1078iulia-and-alistair-wedding-0891 iulia-and-alistair-wedding-0907

I wouldn’t have met Alistair if it wasn’t for The Love Project. I wouldn’t have been a better version of myself if it wasn’t for The Love Project. I am grateful for everything that it has taught me and continues to do so. But I am ready for a new challenge. I’m editing The Love Project for the last time and I hope it will inspire many of you soon to turn your dreams into reality too. Whatever they may be!


Credits to:

Venue: The Wedding House

Photographers: Wise Events

Hair & Make-up: Cristian Lineru & Mirela Codreanu @ the Hair

Catering: F.R.O.G.

Artist: Andy Sinboy Luke 


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