What to do when you don\’t know what to to


I’m experiencing some unprecedented times!

I’m unemployed through my own will, aiming to make a living out of writing – a process that will take a lot of time and effort to become reality – whilst running low on cash. I’m in a bit of a ’catch 22’ kind of situation: on one hand I don’t want to get back into the security of full-time working because I know I’ll set myself back a few steps and lose all the creative progress I’ve achieved during the last few months, and yet on another hand I’m fighting the ingrained fear that I will run out of the precious money I need to survive.

I haven’t often been in this situation, I’ve had one job or another through most of my adult life. I had to make a great leap of faith when I abandoned my job last year and decided to step into the unknown. A leap that involved a certain unexplained faith that I will be taken care of somehow if I just followed my inner calling, my dream of writing. And now my faith is being tested harder than before, but I have decided to stay put and wait for that Divine intervention without panicking. Because this is a spiritual journey as much as a very real and hardship facing one.

So not being able to answer yes or no fully to the question ’What do I do if I run out of money?’ I have decided to try something different: to just do things that are good, things that are soul expanding, like reaching out to friends and see how they are doing, looking for volunteering opportunities or joining the Royal Parks Half Marathon for Mind Charity. Because I’m testing out this theory that when you are a more present and loving being, then you need not worry about your safety and comfort. And instead of panicking over things, I am acting. I am acting upon a voice inside which tells me to relax and to keep working on myself, that I’m on the right track.

In life is important that we keep on moving, that we flow and that we grow. So this is my answer to my present challenge: keep doing things that make me and others happy and wait for that loving energy to be returned to me in some other shape or form.

What will you do today to make yourself and others happy?


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