Weekly Writing Challenge: Twizzlers

Today I’ve decided to take the Weekly Writing Challenge: Object from The Daily Post @ WordPress.com. Because a big bag of Twizzlers has been on my desk all day!


It’s been there since this morning: a big bag of red rubbery swirls that make me think of discarded electric cables rather than of delicious sweets. I’m not a big fan of sweets anyway but I can handle the sight of them! This is a step too far. The most tasteless incarnation of the Sweets Devil.

They seem to fly around the office these things: sugar-bombs that we consume like popcorn at the movies, by the handfuls. Somebody’s left the Twizzlers on my desk this morning in an attempt to remove the temptation away from them. I just pushed them to the side. They smell of fake strawberry and it’s so strong it can’t be contained by the industrial plastic wrap they’re in.  On the wrapper it’s written ‘Low Fat Snack’ and ‘Artificially flavoured’ – enough to make me stay as far away from them as possible. They are the colour of drying blood and even though I’m starving as I write this, I can’t think of anything more unappealing.

One by one people approach my desk and start asking for a Twizzler. ‘Knock yourself out!’ I say. ‘They’re not mine!’ I add like Peter about Jesus after the crucifixion to dissociate myself from the idea that such monstrosities belonged to me. And soon almost every member of the team makes a round for Twizzlers. I wish them good luck.

I just hope they’ll be gone tomorrow.

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