Self-help overdose

I don’t know about you guys, but I’m getting really bored with preparing for life.

I mean, it’s nothing wrong with it when you’re at the bottom of the pit and you need a kick in the arse to get out of there and, God knows, I’ve been there and I needed every single last one of them self-help books to get me out. But I’ve gotten myself out, I’ve quit my job and I’ve decided to become a self-sufficient person, who can take a holiday anytime she wants and who can ocasionally indulge in her love for writing for large sums of cash in return. At least that’s the plan! But I am finding myself not making lots of progress because of the following:

– a new self-help book I must read in order to move forward

– keeping up with motivational blogs

– keeping up with the latest in social media and digital marketing

– reading other people’s books of the same genre as the one I’m trying to write

– learning how to be a writer

– learning how to make my own website

– reading amusing stuff on Buzzfeed

– reading and sharing motivational quotes

– etc. (there are many more, trust me!)

I guess what I’m trying to say is that all this preparation is preventing me from actually doing things. I am reading and consuming things and the more I read, the less I feel prepared to launch into doing my own thing, because of information overload.

But I once heard someone say that it’s important to stop consuming and start producing. Perhaps it’s time that I stopped the self-help and started the self-growth.



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