Resistance to change

Last Saturday, during stand up paddle boarding, I fell into the murky waters of Thames, together with my trusted iPhone 5. I’ve had this phone for over 4 years and it has survived a few drownings so far so I was confident it will come bak to life. With my friend’s Sony Experia to use in the interim, I was confident. Unfortunately, after a week submerged in rice, I’ve finally accepted my iPhone’s demise and called my insurance provider to be replaced, because I do not particularly like the change to Android system!

Last week my work computer also decided to display abstract art instead of its usual Windows stuff. It took a week but I was given a new computer with a new Windows system and a completely clean slate. I’m not particularly chuffed about setting-up new shortcuts and saving settings all over again and literally getting lost whenever I want to open a document. I wasn’t happy when after a day of postponing working on budgets, when I finally did it, Excel crashed and I had to do it all over again. I was also disproportionately upset with the new studio schedule management system being implemented at work.

What is going on, I asked myself, when it dawned on me that, in the middle of the biggest change of my life (moving to the countryside in France), I am suddenly extremely resentful to change.

We have been waiting to be given a move out date from our flat. We’ve been waiting for one for over one month and now it could be as soon as two weeks. Or even next week. And then we must pack our life in cardboard boxes and move to France. Just like that. Ready or not. I thought I was ready but I am in fact terrified. I wish it was a quick move like removing a plaster in one go. But it’s a slow and painful process. Papers and documents being exchanged. The Pound dropping with each passing day. The perspective of being totally skint when we finally make our ’dream’ move. The setting-up of a completely new life when you’re still working full-time, because you have to or else fail within minutes. The shock of it all. Or the glory.

Change comes whether we like it or not. And it usually brings something better. Like a new computer and a new phone. And a gorgeous farmhouse by the river.

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