Life Pie

Last year in September I started my artistic recovery using the exercises from Julia Cameron’s ’The Artist Way’. During week 2, she suggested we draw a life pie with six pieces, for the main 6 elements that make a life fulfilled: romance, spirituality, exercise, play, work and friends.

Mine looked like the red line in the picture below. A little bit like a comet, thanks to the one really good thing I had going for me: friends. I returned to it a few more times to monitor how much the comet had changed. And as you can see, slowly the comet was beginning to turn into a starry looking shape.

I had forgotten about this exercise but today I was browsing through my notebook and I found the life pie. And thought I would have a play and see where I was today in the life pie satisfaction. I used the green colour so I can see how far I’ve come in 6 months and the result was amazing. It’s a circle, ladies and gents. Wow!

What changed since? A lot of things: I quit my job and I’m currently self-employed whilst trying to finalise my book and get it published, I now have time to dedicate to exercising, play and spirituality, I have a great, supportive and caring boyfriend and I still have amazing friends (thanks, guys, for sticking around!).

I’m not saying that to show off in any way, what I’m saying is that this is a great exercise to monitor your life satisfaction. Do it yourself it’s simple. Just draw a circle, split in into 6 slices, put a dot in each slice at the degree to which you are fulfilled in that area (closer to the outer rim indicates great, Inner circle, not so great) and then connect the dots.

What shape did you get? 🙂 Let me know!

Keep in mind that it took me one dot moving to elevate the others!


Iulia x


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