Dropping the balls

Do you ever feel like a juggler?


I do!


All the time.

Source: juggler.org
Source: juggler.org


Why is it that modern life gives you that feeling that you’re always in a rush, that the moment you tick one thing off your TO Do list another ten take its place, that you never have time to exercise but when you do exercise you feel guilty that you’re stealing time from pursuing your dreams, that Sunday evening always comes too soon and you realise that the week-end has gone past you and you haven’t even managed to relax?


Why is it that no matter how much we do, we always feel like we’re not doing enough?


The past couple of months for me have been a rollercoaster from hell. Some (astrologist Susan Miller for instance) say it’s because of the alignment of planets, that the delays we’ve incurred so far are no longer in place and that we’re being propelled forward just like Marty from Back To the Future in his time travelling sports car.


And that’s great news, right?


The problem is that I’m not used to that. I’m not used with things happening, with the right people coming into my life with the speed of an escalator, with meetings, brainstorms and creative sessions, whilst working as a freelancer in an office 5 days a week, with writing every morning and (as much as possible) with squeezing a yoga class or two in between. It’s too much all of the sudden and I’m starting to drop the balls!


My agenda started to look like a giant shuffle game. Booking this, cancelling that.


I forget about meetings.


I even forget to call my mum sometimes.


And with that happening, I am letting people down and I constantly feel like I need to apologise for the balls that I keep on dropping.


But that has got to stop. I sat down one evening and wrote down some intentions. I don’t think I’m doing this right! I’ve got to find a way to adjust to this new life order, to my new goals and priorities, to the transformations I am subjected to. I have to accept that I am so much different that I used to be, say, a year ago, and so I need a new outlook and way to cope with things.


Having harnessed the power of the personal mantras in the past during my year of searching for love, I’ve created a brand new set of functional mantras.


  1. Don’t promise what you can’t deliver
  2. Stop interrupting and start listening
  3. Be mindful to your body’s needs
  4. Be healthy
  5. Learn to say NO
  6. Eat vegetables
  7. Wake up early
  8. Sleep well
  9. Drink water
  10. Breathe


Will these 10 commandments help me stop dropping balls? I hope so. Because when you start dropping balls, it’s a sign of imbalance. And before I re-assess how to handle the new realities in my life, I have to get my balance back.


What about you? How do you cope with modern life? What’s your solution to the balls that keep on dropping?

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