Celebrate the relationship with yourself!


They say your partner is a reflection of yourself. They say the quality of your relationship with the other is nothing but a manifestation of the relationship you have with yourself. And they’re right!

I spent many years being single (sometimes alone) on Valentine’s Day.

Some years were worse than others. I had some much resentment built up over ’this stupid holiday’ that I was convinced it was invented only to make single people feel bad about themselves. And guess what, year after year I was getting more of the same. More resentment, more frustration, more proof that I was right in believing that I destined for eternal singledom.

But last year I started to feel a little bit different. As part of my Love Project I decided to challenge my attitude.  And so I forced myself to be lighter, more cheerful. Suddenly I wasn’t annoyed by it all anymore. I stopped feeling like a victim of circumstances and started feeling more optimistic about life. About MY life.

And so a year later not only that I’m not spending Valentine’s Day alone (for the first time in many years!), but I am being taken to Paris for the week-end. Somehow, when you stop complaining and start dreaming, you find that reality exceeds expectations. If you asked me a year ago that this would happen, I would not have believed it!

So what I’m trying to say is that I have learnt a lesson or two since. That any ’stupid celebration’ is only stupid if that’s what you believe it to be and that if you’re single it doesn’t mean that you’re not in a relationship. You’re in a relationship with yourself. Are you celebrating it?



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