10 reasons why I love Ubud

I’ve been in Ubud now for three days for the Ubud Writers and Readers Festival 2013 and I am totally and utterly smitten with this place. And here are 10 reasons why:

1. In almost every cafe end restaurant local bands are playing quality live music. I’m now listening to a band called Ubud40

2. It’s really damn pretty everywhere and overwhelmingly green. Luscious tropical plants grow just about everywhere.

3. It smells great. Sometimes from the jasmine bushes which happen to grow right by your bungalow and sometimes from all the incense being burned outside every house, shop or tourist office.

4. People say ’thank you too’ when you say ’no, thank you, I don’t need a taxi’

5. Balinese food is great and balinese crepes something nobody should miss.

6. The shops are amazing. Tasteful and well stocked, you’ll find something original and decently priced in just about all of them. I am not one to buy lots on holidays as usually you find the same cheap merchandise in every country, but Ubud is definitely a shopping haven.

7. The splendid architecture. Statues and shrines, richly decorated doors, temples, old and modern alike, everything oozes good taste.

8. The weather is hot but in a mild, almost caressing matter. The air feels friendly and balmy on any kind of tired skin, crying out for outdoor love.

9. It’s very safe. Enough said!

10. It does attract a rather selected crowd . From the expats who made Ubud their home, to the travellers who can be bothered to journey to Ubud, the people here are fitting well in the place’s chilled out atmosphere.

I’ve been so busy with the Festival that didn’t even make it to the Monkey Forest down the road, not to mention taking the desired bike trip through the rice fields. But I want to spend more time here and discover every little corner or this jewel of a place.

The day after tomorrow I leave for another amazing place but I’m sure I’ll be back. There aren’t many places in the world quite like Ubud…

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