Hi, I’m Iulia, a Romanian Londoner, who packed-up my London life to embrace the simple life in rural France with my husband and our cat Heathcliff.

I’ve been an account / project manager in advertising, marketing and communications for over fifteen years, but writing is what makes me most happy.

In 2013, I masterminded The Love Project, an insane and most likely doomed to fail experiment in which I gave myself one year to find love, using project management tools. The Love Project turned out to be successful and in September 2013 I met Alistair, my husband and partner in crime ever since. I spent the next three years writing The Love Project, the book, about the methods I used, the stories I got myself into, the revelations I’ve had in the process of finding The One and fulfilling my life long dream along the way: finding love and writing about it. I’ve also started a podcast about pursuing your heart’s desire which I will relaunch once I’m settled in France. You can listen to existing episodes here. 

If you’re wondering, The Love Project is yet to be published. With getting married, moving house twice, working full-time, completely renovating and selling our flat in London and moving to France, I’ve had to put the marketing process temporarily on hold, but please rest assured that I wrote it for you. If you are interested in knowing when is published, do make sure you sign-up to my mailing list so I can let you know when it’s available to read. In the meantime, you can download the free Workbook I put together to help you run your own Love Project.

I love coffee, long walks, yoga, animals and reading. I want to make a difference in the world. I never get tired of reading Kundera, Murakami, Hornby, Bruckner, Garcia Marques or Hemingway. I have a literary crush on Cheryl Strayed and Elizabeth Gilbert. I am terrified of heights and I dislike the taste of coriander, but I’m working on both. I think love is the answer to everything.

But mostly I love to write. About things that happen to me because I’m sure they happen to you too. And because every little thing matters and only by shedding light on an issue, it can ever be reconciled.

If you like what you read, do share the love. Let me know your thoughts, your experiences, your dreams – let’s start a conversation! Find me on:

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