About me


My name is Iulia and I’m a Romanian project manager and a writer, living in London.

At the beginning of 2013, aged 33, still finding myself single after 6 years, I’ve decided to take control over the most uncontrollable thing in life: love, by using the familiar methods of project management.

The Love Project is the book I wrote about my year of looking for love, the revelations I’ve had in the process and finding love and my life’s purpose along the way.

I love coffee, long walks, breathing and reading. I want to make a difference in the world. My favourite writers are Milan Kundera, Haruki Murakami, Nick Hornby, Cheryl Strayed, David Mitchell, Khaled Hosseini, Elizabeth Gilbert, Pascal Bruckner, Paulo Coelho, Ernest Hemingway, to name but a few. I am terrified of heights and I dislike coriander, but I’m working on both. I think love is the answer to everything.

The Love Project is now written and I am in the process of finding an agent and a publisher. If you want a taste of what’s to come, sign up and I will send you your FREE sample chapters.

However, until the book is out, I encourage you to join my Facebook Group, where I share with you resources and lessons from my own experience to help you with your own Love Project.

You can also find me on:

Facebook: Iulia Calota

Twitter: @IuliaCalota