The only world that makes sense

So it’s been a while. A few months of lockdown, getting some palliative relief that the nature was thriving in the absence of humans. The unprecedented available time to read, work and be creative. The relief of lifting the lockdown restrictions, followed swiftly by more worry and uncertainty. Nature pushed right back by humans reclaiming their rights to move about freely. Feeling like the world will never be the same again.

We can no longer make long-term plans. We can no longer promise family and friends we’ll come visit – and judging by the escalating number of new COVID19 cases, come autumn, we may be in lockdown again.

So it’s a little challenging. But we’ve forgotten that life was never supposed to be predictable. And it hasn’t always been this way. Our cocooned modern existence with clean water on tap and abundance of food on supermarket shelves is a recent invention. And yet we take it all for granted. Forgetting the billions of humans before us who died of hunger, plagues or actual wars.

I see more and more people convinced that COVID19 pandemic is part of some larger plan put into motion by the elite that secretly rules and influences the world. And I can understand why they would feel this way. These are the most troubled times we experienced collectively in recent history. Our world and our understanding of it is shaken. We feel the need for logic. But I want you to be mindful to the reasons why we make up stories. Because we are wired to make sense of a world that doesn’t always make sense.

The only way to move through this is with increased awareness. With gentleness. With presence. And without expectations. This is life. A sum of causes and effects. Some instigated, some random. Most out of our control. Focus on what you can control. Everything is happening when it needs to happen. Black Lives Matter is gaining momentum during crisis, because it’s crisis that usually clears the way for change to take place. Go with the flow. Refrain from conspiracy theories (unless you are one of the conspirators, in which case, I’m impressed!) And remember: the darkest hour of the night is the one just before dawn.

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