‘I’ve been a marriage and relationship counselor for thirty years and have seen so many self-help books come and go.  Yawn!  I rarely recommend one.  But here is something that I will be urging my clients and colleagues to read and discuss:  The Love Project.  It most certainly will move most of them — emotionally, intellectually, and interpersonally — toward greater awareness in their own relationship journeys.
Iulia Calota submerges the reader in a personal, open and sincere account of her own journey through relationship doubts and discouragement, self-exploration and experimentation. You’ll be drawn-in, not knowing where it’s heading (Hint:  She didn’t know either!). Readers will identify with her ups and downs, joys and sorrows, self-doubts and self-discoveries … And be so happy to see how she finally emerges.  It’s not another dating advice book.  It’s not a list of steps to take. I wouldn’t even classify it as a self-help book.  Reading The Love Project is more like peeking into the diary of a warm and witty woman, and you’ll be happy that you did.’
Carl Hindy, Ph.D., Clinical Psychologist, Nashua, NH, USA



The Love Project is a brilliantly witty, entertaining, and informative book that’s in a class all of its own. Iulia Calota has combined delicious writing with wise insight as she illuminates the pathway to love. Taking the reader inside the depths of her own personal journey, Ms. Calota echoes the feelings we all share in overcoming the fears and habitual behavior that block love’s entrance to our lives. If ever there was a book written to highlight the route to relationship readiness, this is it.

The Love Project provides hope and clear-cut guidance for anyone seeking meaningful connection and rewarding partnership. This universally relatable gem is packed with the essential information every modern dater needs to know, in order to discover his or her own happiness.’

Susan Winter, Relationship Expert, New York

Author of ‘Allowing Magnificence‘ and ‘Older Women, Younger Men

Web: www.susanwinter.net



The Love Project is an inspirational and wonderful story. Iulia’s writing style is lucid  and cogent and it encapsulates the reader. Her message of love has the potential to heal broken hearts, give encouragement and hope to many seeking love joy and inner peace.’

Dr. Arthur Cassidy

Reality TV and Celebrity Psychologist, London

Web: http://www.drarthurcassidy.com